[mesa-users] exploring vibrations in mesa/star models

jingluan at caltech.edu jingluan at caltech.edu
Mon Jan 2 11:56:48 EST 2012

> Hi,
> On Jan 1, 2012, at 8:49 PM, jingluan at caltech.edu wrote:
>> we start with a perturbed initial model. Physically
>> the star should keep vibrating for a thermal (kh_timescale) time scale,
>> but mesa damped the vibration in about 1 vibration period
> Does anyone have suggestions for Jing?
> All I can think of is to set max_years_for_timestep
> to make sure the timestep is limited
> to be much smaller than the period of vibration.
> But I don't have any direct experience with this
> sort of thing, so perhaps someone else has
> better ideas.
Thank you, Bill. We have tried to limit the maxtimestep to be e.g. 1/20 of
the vibration time scale. However, MESA keeps shrinking the real time step
model by model so that the first half of the vibration period never ends.

> -Bill

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