[mesa-users] mesa release 4740

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Sun Dec 30 13:18:44 EST 2012

A final release for 2012.

Here are the highlights.

-- fix the installation test that caused some people grief with 4723

-- add Nelder-Mead Simplex algorithm for minimization to mesa/num
   this replaces Hooke-Jeeves which is no longer supported.

         Nelder, J. A. and Mead, R.
         "A Simplex Method for Function Minimization."
         Comput. J. 7, 308-313, 1965.

      there are versions of this in Numerical Recipes under the name "amoeba",
      in Matlab under the name "fminsearch", and in Mathematica as an option for "NMminimize".
      our version has lots of bells and whistles and is, of course, superior to the others. ;)


-- add NEWUOA unconstrained optimization using quadratic interpolation.
	this is by MJD Powell of Cambridge Univ. who created BOBYQA.
	it is very similar to that except for unbounded instead of bounded.

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-- change name of "star/astero_adipls" to "star/astero" in anticipation of
	adding support for Rich Townsend's GYRE in addition to ADIPLS

-- add GYRE as an output option for oscillation data (along with FGONG and OSC)

-- replace Hooke-Jeeves by Nelder-Mead Simplex for chi^2 minimization in astero

-- fix problem in reported values for delta_Pg

Happy New Year,


p.s. the new 2013 MESA instrument paper will be out soon on astro-ph --
giant planets, oscillations, rotation, massive stars, and more.     oh boy!

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