[mesa-users] MESA 4723 is available

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 20 16:43:16 EST 2012


There's been a gap since the last release since we've been busy putting together a new "instrument" paper.
Look for it to appear on astero-ph early in January.

This release of mesa contains major revisions to the asteroseismology tools resulting from lots of input from Dennis Stello.
So if there are things you don't like, blame him, not me.  ;-)      Of course if there are things you really like, give me the credit.
Actually, I do think it is much better thanks to Dennis.  He's a co-author for the new instrument paper and has an entire
section devoted to mesa and aseroseismology that I think you'll find interesting.

The paper also has lots about rotation and massive stars thanks to Matteo Cantiello.   The preparation of the results shown in the paper
has triggered some changes in the code (e.g. to smoothing) and some bug fixes.

Thanks to Aaron Dotter, we now include the AGSS09 low-T opacities.  Also thanks to Aaron, the binary search routine has been cleaned up.

We continue to get valuable help from Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard --- this release contains several patches to ADIPLS.   Thank you Jørgen!

I've added tau = 0.1 tables to atm to go with the ones for tau = 1, 10, and 100.  (like those, the new one is for solar Z only)

We now use redo instead of retry for hitting stopping targets in star without triggering backups.

Diffusion now outputs information about E field and typical charge -- these can be added to profile output.

The test case make_co_wd has been revised to use low mdot until 1st thermal pulse, then large mdot after that.

For cases with core crystallization, there is now an automatic switch to the lnS form of eps_grav to capture the jump in entropy at the phase transition.

Phil Arras has made further improvements in the create_initial_model routine -- it is far better than create-pre-ms for giant planets.

btw: we're up to over 500 members of mesa-users, and the 1st instrument paper now has over 100 citations.   
thanks to everyone for making mesa so successful  ;-D

Have a great holiday season.   Rest up for next year.   Lots of fun stuff ahead.


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