[mesa-users] PGstar settings

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Sat Dec 15 12:23:05 EST 2012

Hi Jacub,

Glad to have you using mesa.   
Unfortunately I didn't hang on to the pgstar inlist for that movie.
But did you know that you can play around with changing the pgstar
settings while the run is in process?  you don't need to stop the run.
just edit and save the inlist.   pgstar reads its inlist at each timestep
and changes things on the fly.    so you can experiment at low cost.

So I'd encourage you to open up star/defaults/pgstar.defaults and
play around.  You should also run some of the test_suite cases
with pgstar turned on.  That might suggest some new possibilities.

I've Cc'd this to mesa-users since there may be other people interested.
In general questions of this general sort should go to mesa-users.
There are lots of very experienced users who can help.


On Dec 15, 2012, at 12:19 AM, Jakub Ostrowski wrote:

> Dear Bill,
> I'm a new user of MESA and I'm definitely inspired by your awesome movies on the front page of the project. I got a question about settings of PGstar that you used to create the 1Msun:summary movie. I feel that the set of plots and parameters shown on the movie is perfect to trace the evolution and the size of the window is nice (default main window is too big to fit on macbook's display with an external monitor unplugged).
> So I'd like to ask if you could provide settings which you used. Pgstar settings seem to be quite complicated for a novice and I would be glad for any help.
> Best regards,
> Jakub Ostrowski
> PS. Do you prefer to ask such questions directly to you or to post them on the users group?

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