[mesa-users] He-flash problem

Jakub Ostrowski ostrowski at astro.uni.wroc.pl
Thu Dec 13 08:56:04 EST 2012


I'm a new user of MESA and I'm currently trying to learn how to use the code. It's totally awesome :) However I found a problem with helium flash. I try to calculate evolution of 1.0 M_S star and it doesn't want to start helium burning.

I tried many inlists with different parameters but nothing helps. I'm especially bothered because even the unmodified be me inlist from test '1M_pre_ms_to_wd' doesn't work. I calculated up to 10500 models and then forced stop. In awesome video '1M summary', which is available on the main page of MESA, there is a helium flash around model 4500.

I don't have problem with helium burning in massive models without He-flash. I tested eg. 7 or 20 solar masses.

I use OS X 10.8.2, MESA 4631 and the latest version of SDK. Because I'm really a beginning user I don't know which other information I should provide you in order to solve this problem.

I would be grateful for any kind of help.


PS. Is it possible to use with PGSTAR the same format of output during calculations of evolution like in the mentioned video? I think it has perfect size and optimal set of parameters just to follow what the code is doing.
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