[mesa-users] PGSTAR not showing up ...

Ehsan Moravveji moravveji at iasbs.ac.ir
Sat Sep 24 11:48:52 EDT 2011

Dear MESA friends,

Hi. I successfully compiled my MESA 3633
with pgstar on Lion 10.7 with ifort 12.0.1
I compiled pgplot with
ifort + gcc and added this line in my .bash_profile

In my inlist, I have
activated pgstar as


      read_extra_pgstar_inlist1 = .true.
      extra_pgstar_inlist1_name =

In my inlist_work, I have:
      pgstar_flag = .true.
and in my
ehsan_pgstar, I have already set:
         MAIN_win_flag =

however, the pgstar window does not show up once I
start a run, and there is also no error in the terminal.
I suppose
there are still more steps to take to set it up.
I would be grateful
to receive your suggestions. 


Ph.D student of Astrophysics.
Department of Physics,
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), GavaZang Road,

Zanjan 45137-66731, Iran.

Office: (+98)241-415 2118
Fax:    (+98)241-415 2104

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