[mesa-users] report on failure of installing version 3607

Alfred Gautschy alfred at gautschy.ch
Sun Sep 4 10:45:40 EDT 2011


first, thanks for the information on recent changes and for the
efficient work to expand the Mesa domain of applicability. 

When I tried to upgrade to version 3607 I unfortunately ran into
problems at Mesa/mesa/atm/test; build_and_test failed when performing
Do_One_Grey_Irradiated, everything before is perfect: 

The terminal output just before failure is:

<              Do_One_Grey_Irradiated: kap    3.3036958409266584E-02
--- field 3	relative error 8.18e-01
>              Do_One_Grey_Irradiated: kap    1.8176165663029643E-02
<                                      tau    2.2023436474453483E+01
--- field 2	relative error 9.84e-01
>                                      tau    1.1100502830879284E+01
<                                        T    1.9891409201680560E+03
--- field 2	relative error 1.72e-01
>                                        T    1.6974910696457246E+03
<                                     logT    3.2986655516932868E+00
--- field 2	relative error 2.13e-02
>                                     logT    3.2298074981726947E+00

The relevant output in tmp.txt reads as

             Do_One_Grey_Irradiated: kap    3.3036958409266584E-02
                             M/M_jupiter    1.5000000000000000E+00
                             R/R_jupiter    1.6101763189034692E+00
                                  R/Rsun    1.6174176934805662E-01
                                   kap_v    4.0000000000000001E-03
                                       P    1.0000000000000000E+06
                                     tau    2.2023436474453483E+01
                                    Teff    1.1307462496356613E+03
                                    T_eq    1.0000000000000000E+03
                                   T_int    9.0000000000000000E+02
                                       T    1.9891409201680560E+03
                                    logT    3.2986655516932868E+00

Any help to overcome the problem is very much appreciated.

With regards, 

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