[mesa-users] adding a title to your pgstar plots

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Wed Oct 19 13:49:52 EDT 2011


This is just for fun -- did you know that you can add your own title to a pgstar plot?

here's an example where I've added "HD49385" at the top by adding these lines to the inlist
(at the end of this email I've copied info from star/public/pgstar_defaults.dek about what these do)

         show_TRho_Profile_annotation1 = .true.
         annotation1_ci = 1 ! color index
         annotation1_ch = 1.1 ! character height
         annotation1_lw = 1 ! line width
         annotation1_cf = 1 ! character font (1=sans serif, 2=roman, 3=italic, 4=script)
         annotation1_side = 'T' ! T, B, L, or R
         annotation1_disp = 1.8 ! displacement perpendicular to axis
         annotation1_coord = 0.5 ! fractional location along axis
         annotation1_fjust = 0.5 ! 0 => left justified, 0.5 => centered, 1 => right justified
         annotation1_text = 'HD49385'

currently you can have up to 3 annotation strings.   this isn't a really general solution, but it can be useful at times.


      ! "annotation" strings -- provide args for PGMTXT
      !          Write text at a position specified relative to the viewport (outside
      !          or inside).  The text is written using the current values of
      !          attributes color-index, line-width, character-height, and
      !          character-font.
      !           SIDE            : must include one of the characters 'B', 'L', 'T',
      !                             or 'R' signifying the Bottom, Left, Top, or Right
      !                             margin of the viewport. If it includes 'LV' or
      !                             'RV', the string is written perpendicular to the
      !                             frame rather than parallel to it.
      !           DISP            : the displacement of the character string from the
      !                             specified edge of the viewport, measured outwards
      !                             from the viewport in units of the character
      !                             height. Use a negative value to write inside the
      !                             viewport, a positive value to write outside.
      !           COORD           : the location of the character string along the
      !                             specified edge of the viewport, as a fraction of
      !                             the length of the edge.
      !           FJUST           : controls justification of the string parallel to
      !                             the specified edge of the viewport. If
      !                             FJUST = 0.0, the left-hand end of the string will
      !                             be placed at COORD; if JUST = 0.5, the center of
      !                             the string will be placed at COORD; if JUST = 1.0,
      !                             the right-hand end of the string will be placed at
      !                             at COORD. Other values between 0 and 1 give inter-
      !                             mediate placing, but they are not very useful.
      !           TEXT           :  the text string to be plotted. Trailing spaces are
      !                             ignored when justifying the string, but leading
      !                             spaces are significant.

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