[mesa-users] Test Failed

Yevgeni Kissin kissin at astro.utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 24 12:22:13 EST 2011

Dear MESA Gurus,

I recently downloaded and installed the new release (3723), I unpacked the
mesasdk and copied
the appropriate header file. I was unable to copy the lines suggested there
into my .bashrc file for
it to work, but I already have gfortran 4.5 installed.
I ran ./clean and ./install, but the only message I got was

checking if ndiff is installed ...
Please set the environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS.
Suggested value is the number of cores on your machine.

I was expecting a long string of operations.
When I try to run the test run, I do ./rn, and get an error

Thu Nov 24 11:47:20 EST 2011
./rn: line 5: ./star: No such file or directory
Thu Nov 24 11:47:20 EST 2011

and there is no such file in the directory /mesa/star/test.
What can be the issue?

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