[mesa-users] mesasdk and libpng14 vs. libpng12

Alfred Gautschy alfred at gautschy.ch
Thu Nov 3 11:28:47 EDT 2011


Supplying the users with a MESA SDK is actually a great idea. 
This should make the process of moving MESA from one system to another
much less painful. Thanks to those who have been/are involved! 

resorting to mesasdk, I actually got my MESA installation -- almost --
working. Near the end, the .install step fails however with:

/usr/bin/ld: warning: libpng14.so.14, needed
by /home/.../mesasdk/lib/libpgplot.so
/home/.../mesasdk/lib/libpgplot.so: undefined reference to
`png_write_info at PNG14_0'
/home/.../mesasdk/lib/libpgplot.so: undefined reference to
`png_write_row at PNG14_0'
/home/.../mesasdk/lib/libpgplot.so: undefined reference to
`png_set_tRNS at PNG14_0'

I checked my ubuntu 11.04, 64 bit system regarding libpng and found that
libpng12 is installed and the repositories *all* supply only libpng12
rather than the required libpng14. 

My questions: 
The SDK does *not* supply the libpng library that is required
(supposedly by pgplot in) MESA? 

The users must go to libpng14 in any case? No, way to use libpng12, as I
seemly did when I compiled pgplot in the pre-sdk era?

Wouldn't it be feasible, or even useful to also supply the  necessary
libpng version as required/insisted on by pgplot?

Thanks for directions and suggestions

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