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Theodore Arthur Sande tasande at MIT.EDU
Thu May 5 22:56:50 EDT 2011

Dear Lars, Bill, Frank, Aaron and Falk,

A belated thanks for the invitation to MESA FEST. At the time, I did not
consider attending since my mother had been recently diagnosed with
glioblastoma multiforme IV, the most deadly cancer known. I was spending my
time at MIT working on the final 6 months of my thesis research with Prof. Paul
Joss, with the remainder devoted to working with my mother's doctors on
experimental treatments, thus forseeably precluding attendance.

The experimental treatments have just been this week exhausted, and my mother is
now in hospice. After a discussion with her, I was wondering if it is possible
to still attend MESA fest? Given the circumstances, I am not sure if I could
prepare a presentation* in time, but I could dicuss my research with MESA in
depth in the breakout sessions. I have generated 1000+ evotionary runs for low
mass stars, and thus have a unique users perspective in this regime. I would be
happy to share any insights I have gained. I would also like to discuss in depth
possible future modifications, e.g. evolutionary time-step "accuracy" control,
which I think remains an unresolved issue in most, if not all, henyey codes

Some associates have kindly offered to pay my expenses. I am at present working
on my thesis in WI near my mother. I think attending would be a mutually
beneficial experience, since I will have one of the first "MESA thesi". Thank
you for your consideration on this request.


Theodore Arthur Sande

MIT Department of Physics
tasande at mit.edu

*Prof Joss presented my first research at the IAU 2009 in Rio.

----- End forwarded message -----

Theodore Arthur Sande

MIT Department of Physics
tasande at mit.edu

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