[mesa-users] mac(+gfortran?) performance issues

Aaron Dotter aaron.dotter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 11:44:37 EDT 2011


I've recently gotten access to some Apple Xserves running OS X 10.6.5.  They
have gfortran 4.5.2 but no ifort, and getting the latter is not an option.

When I run mesa star with OMP_NUM_THREADS=4, I get performance that varies
between 100% and 150% of 1 CPU, whereas I would expect it to be above 300%
most of the time (I/O is not the cause).  top tells me that Spotlight
(mdworker and mds) are running pretty heavily in the background.

I'm wondering
(a) Have other Mac users run into performance issues with mesa star because
of Spotlight and disabled it for that reason?
(b) Any other performance issues that people might have encountered with
this setup?

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