[mesa-users] Problem getting pgplot to install on iMac

Doug Krajnovich djkran at comcast.net
Tue Jun 21 01:52:25 EDT 2011

As longtime Windows user, I recently purchased an iMac for primary purpose
of experimenting with MESA. I got gfortran 4.5 and MESA to install and run
without pgplot, but now I am stuck on the pgplot installation.  My
Mac/Terminal/Unix/Linux skills are extremely limited and I am trying to
blindly follow directions without knowing exactly what all the commands
I unpacked pgplot.tbz and  ./makemake . osx gfortran_gcc runs without error.
But when I type
it goes for awhile and then spits out a string of error messages
 "cputype does not match previous archive members" and then halts without
finishing libpgplot.a archive and without creating pgdemo files.
Any suggestions?
-Doug Krajnovich   
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