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Dear Aaron:
Thanks very much for answer my question! After trying several times...I find that it's...an...anthropic factor which cause this error...you know, because some political events...whole networks of my country have been contaminated in these day...a lots of files through svn cannot be downloaded correctly...maybe I can only get the correct files a few days later...Thanks!

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Hi Ming,

The test_suite directory contains many cases that demonstrate broad (but incomplete) set of MESA capabilities.  However, some of these cases are fairly advanced and not the best way to get started using the code.  The 15 Msun Si burn is there first and foremost as a test of MESA's ability to do this challenging calculation.

In mesa/star/test/ you will find an inlist called 'inlist_first_thing_to_try' and this is a great place to start.  It's a very simple example of a 3 Msun star.  Once you've read the inlist and done the computation, you can start to modify the options in that inlist and/or add additional parameters.

All of the parameters in the inlist must be found in either mesa/star/test/src/run_star_defaults.dek or mesa/star/public/star_defaults.dek.  You can read both of these files to find the parameters and learn something about how they're used and what typical values are.  For example, mesh_delta_coeff is set in the mesh_adjustment section of star_defaults.dek.

There is no documentation (other than the source code) for MESA at present, but it is something we are beginning to focus on.  If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask on the mesa-users list.

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