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Hello World....
Well, MESA is a great tool for Astrophysics. Thanks for the developers!
Recently, I have found MESA and try to use it to modelling the RSGs. And I do note that there are some samples in the "test_suite" directory. But I don't know how the parameters in the code are got involved. 
e.g. in the inlist file of "15M_si_burn", there are some parameters I can't find in run_star_default.dek and star_default.dek, such as mesh_delta_coeff, log_center_density_limit, xa_scale and so on. Is there some other 
introduction files about these parameters existing? And I also wondering that where the vaule of these parameters comes from( e.g. log_center_density_limit=12 )? Because I have searched some papers and not find such vaule.
Thanks very much!

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