[mesa-users] Using MESA on a 16 core machine

Nathan Thompson nlthompson1 at wichita.edu
Sat Jul 9 17:22:20 EDT 2011


My name is Nathan Thompson and I am a graduate student at Wichita State
University. I have been using MESA on my personal computer for about a year
to do computations. It is an Intel i7 860 machine (four cores) and does well
with the computations.

Recently, I was given an account on a university computer in order to use
that to do computations, a 16 core machine of which I am not 100% sure of
the processor type, but I was assured that each of its cores were faster
than my i7. However, when I ran the same model in MESA on both boxes, my PC
did the computations twice as quickly as the university machine (and I had
full use of all 16 cores). Both versions of MESA were compiled using

I know the MESA is "thread safe" as stated by the website, but performance
is noted to not increase with additional processors. Is there an option that
I need to set in MESA to activate the use of OpenMP for multiple threads, or
is this enabled "out of the box?" Also, is there a way to limit the number
of cores MESA has access to, so that I can test to see if one of these cores
is indeed faster than my i7?

Nathan Thompson
Wichita State University
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