[mesa-users] mesa release 2920

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 14 11:58:20 EST 2011


Highlights of changes in the 2 weeks since the last release (2891):

In the atm module, we now have tau=1 and tau=10 tables to match the tau=100 tables

The pulse module is now part of the standard install.  It is derived from
Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard's ADIPLS.   In addition to running
it from text file input, you can call it directly from star.  You can
find an example in star/test_suite/pulse.

There are several new additions to star/exercises.
I recommend the exercises both for new users and as a
source of "how to" ideas for various topics in "stellar engineering"
such as "How do I model a M=0.001Msun gas giant with an inert core?" 

Frank Timmes has provided a much simplified setup for the
installation of pgplot.   It is in mesa/utils/pgplot.tbz

The ionization package now includes Francois Hebert's
results for the ionization state of fe56 in he4.   
The diffusion package supports the new ionization,
and star supports the changes in diffusion.
See 'diffusion_min_Y_for_fe_in_he' in star_defaults.dek

Users can now write their own routines to add new plots to pgstar.  
See star/public/other_pgstar_plots.f


p.s.   I'm sending this to both mesa-news and mesa-users.
My thinking on these 2 lists has changed.  I now think people 
should be able to be on just one or the other, not both.
mesa-news will be limited to messages like this one,
i.e., new releases and other news items concerning mesa.
my idea is that it will be for people interested in following
developments in mesa but who are not active users.

mesa-users messages will include the ones on mesa-news, but
will also have requests for help and bug reports and
replies.   this is the list for all active users of mesa.
if you are on mesa-users, you don't need to be on mesa-news.

does that sound okay to you?

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