[mesa-users] Appetizer error

Chris Richardson richa684 at msu.edu
Fri Jan 7 14:16:31 EST 2011

Hello all,

I installed MESA and everything went fine using gfortran 4.5.1 but I'm 
getting an error with the appetizer. I altered the inlist to the what 
described on the website, saved the file and ran ./rn to get this result:

Revision: 2891
Fri Jan 7 12:52:05 EST 2011
Failed while trying to read control namelist file inlist
The following runtime error message might help you find the problem

At line 1384 of file ../public/run_star_support.f (unit = 9, file = 
Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name 

The file 'inlist_first_thing_to_try' is located in the same directory as 
'inlist'. I figured this should work right off the bat so I wanted see 
if anyone had any ideas before I go altering things. Many thanks.

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