[mesa-users] mesa 3062 is available

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Mon Feb 28 14:10:27 EST 2011


A new release is now out there.  It fixes the gfortran compiler problem we had with the last release.

Also some inlist changes:
	dX_nuc timestep limits deprecated; use dX_nuc_drop limits instead
	removed obsolete controls for CO enhanced opacities (CO_full_on and CO_full_off) 
		and require explicit setting for base_Z
		to enable enhanced opacities, just set use_CO_enhanced_opacities to .true.

There is now a one_zone_ns_burst_jina example in star/exercises.

And I've enhanced the one zone burn application in jina and added one to net.


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