[mesa-users] MESA for Education

Steve Kawaler sdk at iastate.edu
Mon Dec 12 18:03:45 EST 2011

I think that a MESA for Education effort is a terrific idea - at all
levels of post-secondary education.  For undergraduate introductory
non-science courses all the way through graduate courses.  Please let
me know how I can help.

Steve Kawaler

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> Hi Mike,
> On Dec 12, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Mike Zingale wrote:
>> Bill/Josiah, indeed that is a nice movie, and one I am sure many of us will want to show in our Intro to Astronomy classes when we come upon stellar evolution.
> Great!   A movie like that is really a huge help to see the how the various things change together as the evolution goes forward.
>> On that note, is there any sort of organized effort toward MESA for Education, instead of research.
> Excellent suggestion.   There isn't any such organized effort yet, but there certainly should be.
>> Perhaps providing an archive of nice movies of stellar evolution for use in classes would be a good start.
> That would be a wonderful start -- I know Rich Townsend has been working on something like that
> (oh!  I just got his email saying he has been working on it!!!)
> It would be wonderful if you and Rich and anyone else who is interested in MESA for Education would
> work together on this.   I'd love to see it happen, but I won't be the one to push the effort.
> Cheers,
> Bill

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