[mesa-users] [mesa-news] mesa release 3790 + a cool movie

Richard Townsend townsend at astro.wisc.edu
Mon Dec 12 17:08:04 EST 2011

Hi folks --

Further to Bill's remarks below about the MESA SDK:

On Dec 12, 2011, at 11:34 AM, Bill Paxton wrote:

> Finally, I continue to use Rich Townsend's mesasdk and encourage you to do the same unless you have
> a special need to do things the hard way.    To reduce the size of an already too huge mesa download, the mesasdk is
> not included -- get it directly from http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~townsend/static.php?ref=mesasdk#toc-Downloads
> The latest version is dated Nov 11, 2011.

I put out a new release of the SDK just now (see the link above), which brings the 'current' version to 20111212 (Dec 12, 2011). Together with a number of minor tweaks, this version should resolve some issues that have arisen when linking against the PNG library (libpng).

It turns out there are fundamental incompatibilities between libpng v1.2 and v1.4, leading to missing symbol errors on some systems. To fix this problem, I've built the whole of libpng into the PGPLOT library (libpgplot), so the system libpng is no longer accessed. I've verified that this works on at least one Linux x86_64 box (thanks, Ben Brown!); please let me know if you encounter any more missing PNG-related symbols.



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