[mesa-users] mesa release 3790 + a cool movie

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Mon Dec 12 13:52:17 EST 2011

Hi Mike,

On Dec 12, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Mike Zingale wrote:

> Bill/Josiah, indeed that is a nice movie, and one I am sure many of us will want to show in our Intro to Astronomy classes when we come upon stellar evolution.  

Great!   A movie like that is really a huge help to see the how the various things change together as the evolution goes forward.

> On that note, is there any sort of organized effort toward MESA for Education, instead of research.

Excellent suggestion.   There isn't any such organized effort yet, but there certainly should be.

> Perhaps providing an archive of nice movies of stellar evolution for use in classes would be a good start.

That would be a wonderful start -- I know Rich Townsend has been working on something like that
(oh!  I just got his email saying he has been working on it!!!)   

It would be wonderful if you and Rich and anyone else who is interested in MESA for Education would 
work together on this.   I'd love to see it happen, but I won't be the one to push the effort.


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