[mesa-users] overshooting

umberto.battino at unibas.ch umberto.battino at unibas.ch
Thu Dec 1 05:34:04 EST 2011

Hi all,
I'm performing some tests varying overshooting.. I saw in  
star_defaults.dek that  overshoot_f0_above/below parameter has to be  
set.. moreover I saw that a range of star masses over which  
overshooting is gradually enabled has to be set as well.. more  
precisely the two parameters mass_for_overshoot_full_on and  
mass_for_overshoot_full_off.. but what do they mean? Do they define a  
mass range such as overshooting starts from   
mass_for_overshoot_full_off and reaches its plenty efficiency at   
mass_for_overshoot_full_on and major masses? Can anybody clarify this  
point? :)
All the best,


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