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Hello All,

I downloaded and I have been studying MESA since the beginning of the summer. I think it is great. I am hoping to write a paper soon with my colleagues in Los Alamos. I have 2 questions:

1) What is the exact criteria used by MESA to identify the onset of He-burning? I understand that Mesa saves a model (and gives it priority 2) at the onset of He-burning. Does this mean that the parameter "tri_alfa" (or "log_LHe") reaches a certain threshold value? If so, what?

2) It would be nice to find a list of all the criteria which MESA uses to give priority 2 to a model. I read in the MESA home page: "Priority level 2 is for models saved because of some special event in the evolution such as the onset of helium burning". Is there somewhere a list of all these "special events"?

Thank you very much,

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