[mesa-users] mesa bug fix release 3245

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Fri Apr 29 10:54:25 EDT 2011


Thanks to James LLoyd to finding this bug that was introduced during some of my recent "improvements" to the net package and reaclib.  As you may know the reaclib interpolation formulas are not valid below T of 10^7.   So the code carefully avoids calling them for such low T's and just returns 0 rates instead.  Unfortunately it was doing that for the beta decays as well!   Not good.   Now it is fixed.   Since we get most weak rates from weaklib rather than reaclib, only a few decays were not happening -- but they include the ones in hydrogen CNO burning so it matters when you are using the full "cno extras" net.  The "basic" net assumes that the decays are instantaneous, so it wasn't effected by this particular bug.

As I said to James, sorry for the bug, but I'm sure that it must have been the last one in mesa so we should be okay now.  ; )


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