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I have used the calibration inlist for finding the best initial Z, initial Y, and mixing length parameter that reproduce the solar luminosity and radius at solar age. After fine tuning and running the code and calibration several times, I could find the results as bellow    

                       Final Results   
                    Log10(R/Rsun) = -3.97536E-06
                    Log10(L/Lsun) = -2.83505E-07
                    log center Rho=  2.18996E+00
                    log center P  =  1.73713E+01
                    log center T  =  7.19736E+00
                    center H      =  3.27475E-01
                    center He4    =  6.50021E-01
                    center Z      =  2.25040E-02
                    surface H     =  7.36643E-01
                    surface He4   =  2.45284E-01
                    surface Z     =  1.80726E-02
                    Rcz / Rsun    =  7.15706E-01
                    Rov / Rsun    =  0.00000E+00
                    rms (m-s)/s   =  1.43664E-03

Then, I used the final Z, Y and alpha in my solar inlist and run the code up to solar age without calibration. The results were different in accuracy and the base of convective zone: 0.71659. Why with the same initial parameter that I found with calibration, MESA produce different L, R and R_cz?


Zahra A. Motahar
Master Candidate in Astrophysics
Physics Department
Faculty of Science
University of Malaya
za_motahar at siswa.um.edu.my
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