[mesa-users] mesa release 3190

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 12 21:35:59 EDT 2011

3190 is now available with lots of small changes as listed below.

to reduce confusion, rename set_v_flag to change_v_flag and rename set_rotation_flag to change_rotation_flag
fix bug in star for irradiation; change name of control from "flux_for_hemisphere_irradiation" to "irradiation_flux"
add kap tables for Asplund, Grevesse, Sauval, and Scott (2009) with prefix "a09"
change net so that caches separate rate tables for each reaction
add const P option to net one_zone_burn
add optional source term to 1 zone burn in net
add support for multi-threaded sparse matrix solver SuperLU_MT to mtx
add SuperLU_MT tar file and README to utils
net 1 zone burn working with lapack, SuperLU_MT, and mkl_pardiso
drop support for sparskit from mtx
net can now access reactions from weaklib and reaclib
net definitions can have reactions automatically added from weaklib and reaclib
move jina reaclib file to net_data and delete jina_data from mesa/data
now can define new reaction by adding to reactions.list and providing a rate table
add cgrav vector and other_cgrav routine to star; change name to standard_cgrav in const
add atm_grey_irradiated_get based on Guillot, T, and Havel, M., A&A 527, A20 (2011). T(tau) equation 6.
add atm_grey_irradiated to star
add very_low_mass_grey_models to star_data
add special_rate_factor controls
add other_energy_implicit
pgstar abundances specify which isos to show
lots of additions to test_suite


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