[mesa-users] Time dependent Mass gain

Aaron Dotter aaron.dotter at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 10:24:45 EDT 2011

Hi Fernando,

One way to accomplish this is to edit run_star_extras.f to include whatever
function of time you like.  I have done this for a few different mass loss
cases but it should work equally well for mass gain.

If you look at run_star_extras.f (see star/test/src/), you'll see it
includes 'standard_run_star_extras.dek' which lives in star/public/. What I
did was comment out the include line and then copy the entire contents of
the included file directly into run_star_extras.f.  You can then modify the
appropriate subroutine or function in run_star_extras.f and recompile star.

Specifically, I made use of the "other_wind" procedure pointer.  I edited
subroutine extras_control:

     subroutine extras_controls(s, ierr)
         type (star_info), pointer :: s
         integer, intent(out) :: ierr
         ierr = 0

         ! this is the place to set any procedure pointers you want to
         ! e.g., other_wind, other_mixing, other_energy  (see star_data.dek)

          s% other_wind => Schroder_Cuntz_wind

      end subroutine extras_controls

And then defined a new subroutine (also in run_star_extras.f) with the name
given above.  Bill provides a template for what the new subroutines should
look like in star/public/other_wind.f.


On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Fernando Rivas <rivas.aguilera at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> according to "star_defaults" the only mass gain option is "mass_change"
> which increases mass constantly through time. I'm looking for a way to vary
> mass increase with time so my question is which is the best option to
> accomplish this?
> Regards
> Fernando Rivas
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