mesa-users] a question about MESA

Masanobu Kunitomo kunitomo at
Thu Sep 16 08:13:32 EDT 2010

Dear all,

Hello, I'm Masanobu Kunitomo, a graduate student at Tokyo
Institute of Technology.

Today I am writing to ask about adequate parameters of Overshooting like
" overshoot_f_..."
I'm using version 2258 of MESA, but I don't know and couldn't find the
parameters I should use.
Would you tell me generally adequate parameters for Overshooting?

Moreover, I want to use same treatment for Overshooting with Girardi. If
you know the parameters to do so, would you tell me also those?


Masanobu Kunitomo

Masanobu Kunitomo
graduate student
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Email: kunitomo at

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