mesa-users] svn problem resolved, but now 2734 not building

Kent Budge kgbudge at
Thu Oct 21 14:34:01 EDT 2010

The subversion problem was fixed by my system wizard. Apparently it's a
known gotcha in the proxy configuration, which he has now corrected.

But I can't seem to build 2734 correctly under gfortran 4.5.0. It
compiles, but there are subtle differences in the eos tests and more
serious differences in the model tests. Any ideas?

Thanks for being patient with the tyro. I am eager to contribute to the
project, particularly in testing out some new turbulent mixing models
and in possibly providing C/C++ wrappers for some of the modules and a
Tcl/Tk interface to the 1-D star code. Apologies if someone is already
working on these or if I have just stepped in the middle of a computer
language holy war.

-- Kent G. Budge

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