mesa-users] post-processing mesa models

Georgios Magkotsios gmagkots at
Wed Oct 13 06:35:48 EDT 2010

  Dear mesa users,

I am interested in post-processing mesa models which have been evolved 
from ZAMS to pre-collapse with a network such as I am not 
sure yet to what detail I want to follow the trajectories, so I thought 
starting with a couple of test runs to see what kind of results I get.

I have a one-zone burner which I intend to use for the post-processing. 
I was wondering if any user has already been involved in post-processing 
mesa trajectories, and could recommend a method employed. I understand 
that possible critical information regarding mixing will be lost, which 
is something hard to avoid when post-processing. I am particularly 
interested to figure out a way to deal with the zone refinement from 
model to model. Your feedback is mostly appreciated. Thank you.

Georgios Magkotsios

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