mesa-users] How to evolve a sequence of binaries ?

Alessandro Patruno ale.patruno at
Wed Nov 3 15:31:12 EDT 2010


sorry to bother again, another question about MESA, possibly the last one.

I need to evolve a grid of binaries, with different donor and accretor
masses (from 0.4 to 2 Msun)
and different orbital periods.

Can you suggest me a way to do so ?
With the Eggleton code it was possible to set a initial and final parameter
and the step-size
of that parameter.
I see that something similar is used in the "create_zams" test suite, where
you have the "mhi", "mlo" and
the mass step "dmass" in log units.
Is there something similar I can use for period, accretor and donor mass ?

Many thanks !!

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