mesa-users] a question about MESA

Bill Paxton paxton at
Tue May 25 09:59:49 EDT 2010


I'm glad you are using MESA.  

It looks like you've run into a problem with the namelist reader
in the gfortran runtime.   It is reporting "end of file" because it
has failed to read the final '/' that terminates the namelist.
And that is because the last line of the inlist_zams_specification
doesn't end in in return.   I'll fix that for the next release,
but for now you should just add a blank line to the end of the
inlist file and try again.   Let us know how it works!

BTW: making a zams file is a big job and probably only
worth the effort if you are going to run a very large number
of cases.   For most applications it is much easier just to
create a single model using create_pre_main_sequence_model.
When you do that, you can specify arbitrary composition and
mass.   You might want to try that too.

--Bill Paxton

> I have a question about how to make zams data under Z=0.01.
> I couldn't find zams data about Z=0.01 in
> mesa/data/star_data/starting_models directory, so I decided to make it.
> I added inlist , inlist_create_zams and inlist_zams_specification to my
> working directory, and changed inlist files like inlist files in
> mesa/star/test_suite/create_zams directory.
> I ran './rn ', but the following error was displayed;
> *********************************************************************************
> Revision: 2341
> Tue May 25 20:54:02 JST 2010
> read extra star_job inlist1 from inlist_create_zams
> loading eos data
> loading kap data
> finished loading
> read extra controls inlist1 from inlist_create_zams
> The terminal output contains the following information
> 'step' is the number of steps since the start of the run,
> 'lg_dt_yr' is log10 timestep in years,
> 'age_yr' is the simulated years since the start run,
> 'lg_Tcntr' is log10 center temperature (K),
> 'lg_Dcntr' is log10 center density (g/cm^3),
> 'lg_Pcntr' is log10 center pressure (ergs/cm^3),
> 'lg_Teff' is log10 surface temperature (K),
> 'lg_R' is log10 surface radius (Rsun),
> 'lg_L' is log10 surface luminosity (Lsun),
> 'lg_LH' is log10 total PP and CNO hydrogen burning power (Lsun),
> 'lg_L3a' is log10 total triple-alpha helium burning power (Lsun),
> 'lg_LZ' is log10 total burning power excluding LH and L3a and
> photodisintegrations (Lsun),
> 'lg_LNuc' is log10 nuclear power excluding photodisintegration (Lsun),
> 'lg_LNeu' is log10 total neutrino power (Lsun),
> 'lg_Psurf' is log10 surface pressure (gas + radiation),
> 'Mass' is the total stellar mass (Msun),
> 'lg_Mdot' is log10 magnitude of rate of change of mass (Msun/year),
> 'lg_Dsurf' is log10 surface density (g/cm^3),
> 'H_rich' is the remaining mass outside of the hydrogen poor core,
> 'H_poor' is the core mass where hydrogen abundance is <= 0.10E-03
> 'He_poor' is the core mass where helium abundance is <= 0.10E-03
> 'H_cntr' is the center H1 mass fraction,
> 'He_cntr' is the center He4 mass fraction,
> 'C_cntr' is the center C12 mass fraction,
> 'N_cntr' is the center N14 mass fraction,
> 'O_cntr' is the center O16 mass fraction,
> 'Ne_cntr' is the center Ne20 mass fraction,
> 'X_avg' is the star average hydrogen mass fraction,
> 'Y_avg' is the star average helium mass fraction,
> 'Z_avg' is the star average metallicity,
> 'gam_cntr' is the center plasma interaction parameter,
> 'eta_cntr' is the center electron degeneracy parameter,
> 'pts' is the number of grid points in the current model,
> 'jacs' is the number of jacobians created in the current step,
> 'retry' is the number of step retries required during the run,
> 'bckup' is the number of step backups required during the run,
> 'dt_limit' is an indication of what limited the timestep.
> All this and more are saved in 'LOGS/star.log' during the run.
> Failed while trying to read control namelist file inlist_zams_specification
> The following runtime error message might help you find the problem
> At line 368 of file ../../../star/test/src/create_zams.f (unit = 9, file
> = 'inlist_zams_specification')
> Fortran runtime error: End of file
> Tue May 25 20:54:06 JST 2010
> *********************************************************************************
> I would like to know what I should do. whould you let me know the reason ?

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