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Aaron Dotter aaron.dotter at
Sun May 23 20:31:32 EDT 2010

Hi Michelle,

In a situation like this it is most helpful to supply the inlist you're
using and also, if possible, a saved model (not a photo) from just before
the problem occurs.


On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 4:56 PM, Michelle Dolan <velasnr at> wrote:

> I've got it working.  But now I'm having trouble getting MESA to do an
> extended run with Reimer's mass loss.  It ran until ending because there
> were too many backups.  I can restart it from the last dumped photo which
> runs until ending without dumping a photo with this message:
> stopping because of too many backups in a row          16
> terminated evolution because nonzero_ierr
> Any tips?
> ~MDolan
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