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Bill Paxton paxton at
Sun May 23 20:16:28 EDT 2010


I'm glad you've got mesa installed.   Now we just need to make it work for you!

To do that we'll need more info.    (We clearly need some guidelines on the website for submitting problems!)

include whatever we'll need to reproduce the problem.  
Ideally, this means saving a model from a few steps before the roof caves in.
	not a photo -- those are binary format specific to particular systems
	this needs to be a model created by setting save_model_number and save_model_filename in your inlist.
Rerun starting from the saved model (using load_saved_model in your inlist) to make sure the problem is reproducible.

Then attach the inlist and the saved model to your email along with a description of the problem.
A copy of the terminal output showing the error can be useful too.


On May 23, 2010, at 4:56 PM, Michelle Dolan wrote:

> I've got it working.  But now I'm having trouble getting MESA to do an extended run with Reimer's mass loss.  It ran until ending because there were too many backups.  I can restart it from the last dumped photo which runs until ending without dumping a photo with this message:
> stopping because of too many backups in a row          16
> terminated evolution because nonzero_ierr
> Any tips?
> ~MDolan
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