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Hi Marcin,

Good to hear from you.

On Mar 27, 2010, at 2:43 AM, Marcin @ astrophysics wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to put some additional columns into the star.log file.
> What parameters to add into log_columns.list file to log data like:
> - energy produced by a gravitational collapse,

L_grav has the integrated eps_grav.   but you are right, it isn't in  

> - total energy production (I think lg_L is not it),

lg_L is the energy leaving as photons, not the energy being produced.
See below for how you can add whatever you want for total energy  

> And also do burn_ne and burn_si stand for burning power of Ne and Si
> burning?

all of the nuclear reactions are assigned a category;  burn_ne and  
and 2 of the categories.   to see which reactions are in those  
look at data/net_data/reactions_list.   Searching for 'burn_ne' shows
reactions such as ne20(a,g)mg24, ne20(a,p)na23,and others.

> Where to look for other parameters, if they do exist but are not
> mentioned in log_columns.list?

Happily, you can add columns yourself by editing run_star_extras.
Change the routine 'how_many_extra_log_columns' to return the
number of extra columns you want to add.  Then change the
routine 'data_for_extra_log_columns' to give the values.
There is a commented out example already there, so you can
use it as a start.

Good luck!


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