[mesa-users] Stellar rotation and wind mass loss

Alessandro Patruno ale.patruno at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 14:30:12 EST 2010

Dear MESA developers,

I am trying to simulate a set of binaries with a low mass donor star
(typically below 1 Msun)
with short orbital period (typically below ~1 day).

In my simulations I need to include a wind mass loss recipe, and I'm using
the de Jager ones.
>From a theoretical point of view, if I use a star of, say, 1 Msun, then this
will have a rotational
period of about 1 month, like our Sun. Tidal synchronization however will
shortly bring the stellar
rotation to be the same as the orbital period, and therefore much faster
than our Sun.
In this case I would expect a very large increase in the wind mass loss
I am not sure whether these aspects are included in the code, from a quick
inspection I couldn't find
anything like this, but only the possibility of setting the "eta" value for
the wind of non-rotating and rotating models.
Can you please confirm that the rotation and its evolution (and the
subsequent effect on the wind loss)
is not included as a feature of MESA ?

Also, in the binary evolution I can't find magnetic braking, but only the GW
angular momentum loss.
Is this also not yet included in the code ?

On a separate note, I am planning to write a quick update for the MESA code
to include the possibility of
evolving a grid of binaries with variable initial orbital period, donor and
accretor mass.
Since I'm not a Fortran programmer as good as you are, is some of you
available to give me some help in the next
days ?  Who should I contact ?

Many thanks !

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