[mesa-users] attempt to compile revision 2808 with ifort 11.1/046

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Fri Dec 3 13:31:55 EST 2010

Hi Georgios,

I'm sad to hear you are having problems, especially since they are unnecessary.
Perhaps you'll be able to track this one down or someone else with more free
time than I have will be able to help you out.   I personally want to spend my
time on developing mesa rather than tracking down problems caused by old
versions of compilers.

I think your best option is to talk to your advisor(s) and light a fire under your
so-called "support" team.


On Dec 3, 2010, at 10:14 AM, Georgios Magkotsios wrote:

> Dear MESA developers,
> I am aware that MESA requires the latest compiler versions to compile 
> successfully. Unfortunately, our machines have ifort 11.1/046 and gcc 
> version 4.4.4. Both fail some tests during installation (ifort in eos 
> and gfortran in diffusion modules).
> I requested from our support team if they could update the compilers, 
> but they would like to confirm first that compilation cannot work under 
> any circumstances. With ifort they used some debugging options and see 
> the error message below. Could you please explain what this error means, 
> and whether you think it is really a compiler problem? Thank you.
> Georgios
> <snip>
>                      tolerance  1.0000000000000000E-04
>  do_eos_look_for_brackets returned ierr          -1
>                                        x   -7.3010299956639813E+00
>                                       dx    1.0000000000000001E-01
>                                      xb1   -7.5010299956639814E+00
>                                      xb3   -7.1010299956639811E+00
>  ntry         100
>  lrpar         472
>  lipar        5487
>  ierr in test_get_Rho_T          -1
>  alert_message
> </snip>
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