mesa-users] test failed during compilation

Bill Paxton paxton at
Thu Sep 17 11:36:02 EDT 2009

Hi Jason,

Glad you're looking into using mesa.   Sorry that the initial build  
It seems that getting everything setup right the first time is a  
for everyone.

First question: which gfortran?  If you don't have a recent version,
that could be a problem.  I get binaries for the mac from this site:

Second question: which mesa?  what svn version number?
The number of the most recent "approved" version can be found here:

Third: what did you do, exactly?

The installation dance goes like this:
	cd mesa

You do clean and install from the top-level mesa directory.

In your case, things are probably fine for all of those items --
so let's dig into the details.   The checks are done for each
module by doing 'ndiff' of an expected output versus the
actual output.  The expected is in 'test_output'; the actual
is in "tmp.txt" -- all of this is in the module test directory of  

TEST FAILED -- compare test_output to tmp.txt

So, what do you find when you look at those files?
In particular, what's in tmp.txt?  That might give a clue
about what's wrong.

Let me know what you find.....


BTW: please sign up for the mesa-users mailing list before posting.

On Sep 17, 2009, at 6:49 AM, Jason Nordhaus wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile mesa on mac os 10.6 using gfortran and have
> encountered a "test failed" during compilation.  I'm not sure what is
> causing this, has anyone encountered it before?  It looks like utils/
> test/test_output is different from utils/test/tmp.txt.  Here's the
> relevant part during compilation.  Any help is much appreciated!
> Jason
> make: `libutils.a' is up to date.
> gfortran -fopenmp -o ../tester test_utils.o -L../../make -lutils -
> L../../../lib -lalert
> first file is short
> 35c35
> <  eof_token
> --- field 3
>> name_token           3 fin
> 36c36
> <
> --- field 1
>> eof_token
> 37c37
> <  done test_token_read
> --- field 2
> 38c38
> <
> --- field 2
>> done test_token_read
> /Users/nordhaus/Physics/Codes/mesa/utils/test
> TEST FAILED -- compare test_output to tmp.txt
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