mesa-users] MESA test failure on installation

Georgios Magkotsios gmagkots at
Fri Nov 27 16:27:23 EST 2009

Hello Bill. I have decided to use MESA for my research, and like some 
previous first time users, I had a test failure by ndiff during 
installation. I have seen a similar message in the list with your 
response, so I'll try to provide as much more information to you.

To begin with, I had to install ndiff. I want MESA installed at one of 
the afs cells of my university, where of course I have no root 
privileges. So for the ndiff installation I did something like

./configure --prefix=(some folder where I have access)
make all
make install

Make all was successful, but make install gave me an error. However, I 
got the ndiff binary, and it seems to be working fine. After that I put 
the ndiff binary to my path.

Then I got the MESA release 1822 by doing an svn in my "MESA directory" 
as you call it in your web page (~/MESA for my case)

svn co -r 1822 ./

I use the intel 11 compiler for fortran. I believe the "which ifort" 
result will give you all the info you need


I put some extra options for fortran in makefile_header. Specifically,

SPECIAL_FC_FLAGS = -align all #-L/opt/crc/hdf/intel/hdf5/lib 
-lhdf5_fortran -lhdf5 -lm

I put align all just in case there are some pointless warnings regarding 
some common blocks (something I used to see in another code I use), and 
for the moment I keep the options for hdf5 commented out. I plan to make 
some changes to MESA, where I'll need to export data in hdf5 format.

Although the first time I did not do a ./clean prior to ./install, I did 
the second time I tried. The error message was the same for both cases. 
That is

first file is short
<  nvar /= s% nvar
--- field 7
 >        0.500000   -1.389511   -0.350759   11.088481    3.589636    
1.903144    0.907085

TEST FAILED -- compare test_output to tmp.txt

 From the MESA/star/test folder, I do a diff and an ndiff. What I get is

$ diff test_output tmp.txt
<        0.500000   -1.389511   -0.350759   11.088481    3.589636    
1.903144    0.907085
<        1.000000   -0.136118   -0.048875   10.136118    3.752045    
1.881756    1.352341
 >  nvar /= s% nvar


$ ndiff test_output tmp.txt
<        0.500000   -1.389511   -0.350759   11.088481    3.589636    
1.903144    0.907085
--- field 7
 >  nvar /= s% nvar
second file is short

So the problem is that test_output has two lines of data for M/Msun etc, 
while tmp.txt has the line  "nvar /= s% nvar" instead of the data. I 
hope this description of the problem is adequate enough. Thank you in 
advance for your response.


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