mesa-users] "bad composition in setup for kap builder"

Petar Todorov petar.todorov at
Thu May 21 14:40:28 EDT 2009

Hello again,

a similar problem (with a similar resolution :) ) is appearing one more
time in kap_support.f, but this time in the Get_Results subroutine: right
at the beginning, just after the declaration block, you test Y for being

     Y = 1 - (X+Zbase+XC+XO)
     if (Y < 0) then ! adjust XC and XO

But sometimes the line before the 'if' test was giving to Y the value of
~-1e-17. So am I wrong changing the condition in this way:

          if (Y < -1d-9) then ! adjust XC and XO


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