mesa-users] matlab script for 3D plots of mesa/star results

Bill Paxton paxton at
Mon Jan 26 11:22:38 EST 2009

Hi Jon,

Very cool!  And there are enough matlab users, that it will be worth  
having even if it doesn't work with Octave.

Perhaps we need to pause and think about how to set up a general way  
for mesa users to contribute to a collection of such tools that could  
be made available for download through the mesa website.  Do you have  
any ideas about how that might be setup?

I've Cc'd this to mesa-users in case anyone else out there has ideas  
on this subject.


On Jan 25, 2009, at 7:14 PM, Jonathan Tomshine wrote:

> Bill,
> As I mentioned earlier, I've been tinkering with a Matlab .m script  
> to parse all the log files & combine all the structure vs. time  
> data into a single .mat data file which Matlab can handle  
> relatively quickly & easily.  A second script then uses the  
> resulting .mat file to draw arbitrary plots in 3-dimensions like  
> the two attached here (where one horizontal axis is a star  
> "summary" variable that describes the entire star, such as time,  
> while the other horizontal and the vertical axes describe internal  
> structure).
> I think that they're somewhat revealing, although, sadly, the code  
> probably does not work on Octave (I'll have to check).  After some  
> tweaking, and if you think it's useful, I could add them to the SVN  
> repository.
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