mesa-users] Matlab import & plotting

Jonathan Tomshine jtomshine at
Wed Feb 4 14:43:39 EST 2009

Just a quick note: a few weeks ago I wrote some scripts to import data
from Mesa's text logs (star/test/logs) into Matlab, store the
resulting data as a matlab binary data (.mat) file, and generate
arbitrary 3d plots.  I put these online here:

These aren't particularly efficient -- some of the code could be sped
up considerably with a bit of effort -- but they should work.

I'm not sure I'll continue on this path though, since Matlab is not
free software & there are other interesting options with Python
(thanks for the heads-up Dr. Herwig!).  I've also been tinkering with
giving Mesa support for NetCDF binary output of stellar profile data
(from mesa rev. 1000 forward), which should make writing text-import
filters in various languages less necessary in the future.


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