mesa-users] Compiling MESA EOS and OPACITY modules

Ricky Olivier olivier at
Mon Dec 14 09:18:30 EST 2009

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the info. I upgraded to gfortran 4.5.0 and still it hangs. It 
seems to hang at the following compilation line:

gfortran -fopenmp -o ../tester test_superlu.o test_sparskit.o test_mtx.o 
-L../../make -lmtx -L../../../lib  -lmesalapack -lmesablas -lutils -lalert

On another point, I looked through all the directories, and I still 
don't find the eos and kap tables anywhere. Thanks to both you and 
Aaron's  responses so far.


Bill Paxton wrote:
> Hi Ricky,
> The "infinite hang" symptom has happened in the past with
> older versions of gfortran.  So, my first suggestion is to
> try again with the most recent gfortran version --
> for example, I'm using 4.5.0 without problems.
> you can get gfortran binaries to download at
> -Bill Paxton

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