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Takuma Suda t.suda at
Wed Apr 15 13:46:40 EDT 2009

Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

>> So far, I was successful in computing the M=7 Msun and Z=0.02 model
>> in the first trial. But, it doesn't work if I tried to restart
>> the program today.
> What did you type on the command line to restart?

I just typed
[mesaroot/star/work/]% ./re

>> It stops with the following message.
>> -------
>> loading eos data
>> loading kap data
>> finished loading
>> read restart_photo
>> star_load_zams ierr        5009
>> -------
>> I tried to start a new model, but it still fails.
>> Could you tell me how to cope with it?
> Let's check to see if it can still pass the installation test.
> cd to your mesa/star/test directory and enter the command line
> ./ck
> If it passes the test, there will be no output.

Certainly, there was no output.

> To see what the test is doing, try this command
> ./tester
> The terminal output should match the contents of the file called
> "test_output".
> Actually, the match won't be exact, digit for digit, but it should
> be numerically close.  That's why we use ndiff for checking
> instead of diff.
> If it fails the test, then it might be best to just reinstall and  
> start over.

The output is almost the same as in "test_output" (not exactly as you  

> If it passes the test, then there is perhaps a problem in the  
> 'inlist' file.
> Why don't you send me a copy of that and I'll see if it works for me.

I would attach the 'inlist' to this e-mail. Thank you for your help.

>> Could you also tell me
>> if you have a brief instruction of the structure
>> of the program? I would be very grateful if you help
>> me to understand the program.
> I've recently changed the default inlist so that it includes
> all of the options with brief comments along with default values.
> Do you have that version?  If not, you might want to update.

I think I have the updated version. The parameters in inlist are
easy to understand thanks to the comments.

> In terms of understanding the implementation, you might want
> to start with the files in mesa/star/public.  The 'star_def.f' file
> defines the basic data structure for a star.  The file 'star_data.dek'
> has the data about the model, while 'star_controls.dek' declares
> the control parameters.  The default values and comments about
> the controls are in 'star_defaults.dek'.  Finally, 'star_lib.f' has
> the procedures that users of the modules should call.  The actual
> code that does the work is called from here; sources are in
> mesa/star/private.
> The code in mesa/star/test/src/run_star.f is another place you
> might want to start looking.  It is the top-level routine that
> calls functions in star_lib to drive the evolution.
> Let me know how it goes.

This is what I'd like to know. Thank you. I will check all these files.


Dr. Takuma Suda <t.suda at>
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