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Bill Paxton paxton at
Mon Nov 17 10:27:19 EST 2008

Hi Roni,

On Nov 17, 2008, at 12:35 AM, Roni Waldman wrote:

> I tried to install Tioga, got error, see hist.txt. Help, please.

I'm glad you're installing Tioga -- your other email mentioned that  
you were going to try updating to a new pdflatex; let me know if that  
does the job.

> Meanwhile I am successfully running a 9 solar mass model.

For that massive a star, you might want to try a larger nuclear  
reaction net for the later burning stages.
If so, wait for the next time the job does "save photos", then

stop the run (ctrl-C works nicely!)

edit inlist as follows to change the net to one including an alpha  
chain to s32

    change_net = .true.
       new_net_num = 83 ! Basic + o18 + ne22 + alpha_mg24_to_s32

restart from the most recent photo.
For example, if it last said "save photos/x880", do

./re x880

When it restarts, it should output info indicating that it has a new  
net in place.

> Question: I am now running one job in the directory mesa/star/test.  
> What is the proper way to run several jobs at the same time,  
> regarding directory organization?

I haven't put in all the handles for a general solution yet -- but  
now that you've mentioned it, I'll put out a new release soon with  
the fixes for that.


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