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Bill Paxton paxton at
Thu Nov 13 10:59:41 EST 2008

On Nov 13, 2008, at 3:42 AM, Roni Waldman wrote:

> OK, compilation was successful.


> Now, when I try to run in mesa/star/test, the program tries to  
> restart from  rgb_mods/rgb_base_100.mod which does not exist.

Open mesa/star/test/inlist and comment out this line:

!   load_saved_model = .true.

You might also want to comment out these for now (you can try them  

!   set_v_flag = .true.

!   change_net = .true.

Then edit the initial_mass (3 might be a good thing to try for a start).

And you'll also need to change initial_Z to 2d-2 (other Z's are  
available but they are not currently being included in the release --  
let me know when you'd like to have some other options beyond solar).

> Also, is there a straightforward way to change the compilation to  
> not have all the debugging and checking flags? Setting COMPILE_STD  
> = $(COMPILE_TO_DEPLOY) in makefile_header did not work for all the  
> directories.

Each package makefile defines COMPILE; most use COMPILE_STD, but when  
I'm debugging (or just feeling paranoid) I set it to COMPILE_TO_TEST.

If you want to turn off testing in a package, edit pkg/make/makefile  
to change the definition of COMPILE, then cd pkg/test and do ./ 
cleanup and ./mk.  (NOTE: ./clean only does the test directory; ./ 
cleanup does the entire package)   When that finishes, do ./ck to  
check it, and assuming that is okay, do ./export to export it for use  
by other packages.

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